The Man Booker Long List

Trying to read all the books on the Man Booker long list before the final six are announced in September may be too ambitious, but I’ve already read one – “We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves” by Karen Joy Fowler. A few others piqued my interest, and I am on the long list at the library:

“To Rise Again At A Decent Hour” by Joshua Ferris – about a dentist who discovers Facebook and Twitter accounts in his name that he did not create.

And ” Orfeo” by Richard Powers – about a seventy year old composer fleeing from Homeland Security because his latest experiment in his lifelong attempt to discover musical patterns in DNA strands had become suspect.

To read the rest of the list, go to the site at: the Man Booker Site

4 thoughts on “The Man Booker Long List

  1. I’ve only read “Completely Beside Ourselves” also, which is strange because I’ve usually read several of the M-B nominees, and this year I haven’t even heard of any others except the Joshua Ferris book. I have a lot of catching up to do!

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