Could You Cry on Cue?

Writer Amy Sohn remembers  The Tears Didn’t Come Until It Was Too Late  in her reminisce of being a child star whose “big break was spoiled when she couldn’t cry in a screen test.”

Tears come to me when I least expect it – watching an episode of House of Cards (?).  But when I want to have an excuse to cry, I know where to go.

Unknown-2The old movie channel has saved me when I needed a good full out cry but could not manage to cough it up.  When my first-born left for college, I kept up the strong facade, and unlike the President, I could speak of it without tears.  On the big day, after dropping her off at the dorm, I managed a smile for her, and even pleasant conversation with my husband on the way home.  But that evening, I found my relief, and cried out loud at every scene of Old Yeller.

I found a list of movies guaranteed to make you cry – among them some old favorites like Beaches and My Girl, but, as a new Netflix user, I thought I’d look for some laughter – movies to make you laugh – a much harder task.  I’ve returned to my DVD for missed episodes of TDS (The Daily Show) and Stephen Colbert’s monologues for The Late Show.  Colbert always makes me laugh – and sometimes cry.