Liane Moriarty Recommends Books

imagesIn her interview for the New York Times “By the Book,” author Liane Moriarty identifies a few of her favorites:

  1. Kansas in August by Patrick Gale
  2. The Course of Love by Alain de Botton
  3. The Dry by Jane Harper
  4. The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood
  5. In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson
  6. Crow Lake by Mary Lawson

Only the last two are in my library system, so I am starting with them.

I share Moriarty’s admiration of author Anne Tyler.  When Moriarty was asked which author she would want to write her life story, she answered:

“Anne Tyler, please, because she would make my ordinary life extraordinary and my flaws adorable, and she’d find some beautiful truth that I would only recognize once she pointed it out to me.”

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2 thoughts on “Liane Moriarty Recommends Books

  1. I read Crow Lake when it was fairly new. The library I went to had a reader advisory desk and the woman who was there always had great picks. In a Sunburned Country is also a good read. It’s very funny and I listened to him read it. Nearly wrecked my car in a parking lot when one line cracked me up.

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