Updating the Nonfiction List

Unknown-1Although I tend to read more fiction – often to escape into another place and time, or just to meet new characters – nonfiction has an important place in my reading.  Recently, in a conversation with a new friend, I realized I had been ignoring my balanced diet.  His recommendation for J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy is now on my library wish list, along with a few nonfiction National Book Award winners.

Our conversation prompted me to look back on nonfiction I have read, and motivated me to update my nonfiction list.  If you are looking for a little salt with the sweet in your reading diet, check it out:

Nonfiction Books

What nonfiction books do you recommend?


2 thoughts on “Updating the Nonfiction List

  1. I have way too many non fiction books on my TBR that have been there for years – I buy them with great intention and then lose interest

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