Which Books to Keep

images-1    After ignoring Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for weeks on the bestseller list, I found it at my local library and immediately turned to the chapter on books. I never got past Kondo’s horror about having a client with “three large ceiling-height bookshelves full of books…”  Having a personal library sounded luxurious to me – not cluttered.

But when my iPhone warned I had to eliminate some data to be able to download more, I examined my store of iBooks.  Some had been preordered, and glistened with an orange tag.  Others I could move to a cloudy “books read.”  But many were samples of books I thought I might read someday, and a few I had actually purchased but never read.  Perhaps I could apply Kondo’s technique here and unclutter my virtual bookshelf.

Of course, I could not follow her suggestion to place all the books on the floor, but I could use her categories to sort and possible delete a few.  Sadly, all fell into the same category – “General.”   Here are the books I always thought I’d read, but never did – now deleted.

  • The Race for Paris by Meg Waite Clayton
  • Still Here by Lara Vapnyar
  • Paradise Lodge by Nina Stubble
  • The Light of Paris by Eleanor Brown
  • Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey

Have you read any?  Did I miss anything by delegating them to the “cemetery of unread books”?




4 thoughts on “Which Books to Keep

  1. No read – or even heard of these sorry so can’t help you with your sort out. Kondo’s techniques seem a bit bizarre to me. I mean she arrives home after a day working etc and then she says thank you to her purses and coats before putting them away. I think she is on another planet to me

  2. Never read any of them, so I can’t help. I had to purge a few months ago when I had to admit my books were taking over my house. Not an easy job!

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