Diverting Into Nonfiction

Although I incline toward fiction, my stack of books has surprisingly diverted to nonfiction lately.  The real world awaits.

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Have you read any of them?

  • The Perfect Horse by Elizabeth Letts

The saving of the Lipizzaner horses in world War II

  • The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu by Joshua Hammer

Preservation of famous ancient manuscripts

  • The Bestseller Code by Jodie Archer and Matthew L. Jockers

How to write one

  • Rise of the Rocket Girls by Natalia Holt

Women  scientists of World War II

  • Boys in the Boat by Daniel Brown

1936 Olympics quest for gold

  • West of Eden: An American Place by Jean Stein

Oral history of Hollywood

  • Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterley

Black women mathematicians at NASA