Summer of ’69

I missed my chance to meet Elin Hilderbrand in June on the Cape, but my friend sent me her book, with a personalized note from the author.

th    It took longer than I had anticipated to read Hilderbrand’s Summer of ’69, but maybe I really didn’t want to leave the Nantucket beaches, imagining myself eating lobster and ice cream, while walking the storied town. Following Hilderbrand’s New England family while they summered in Nantucket and Edgartown transported me.  The times seemed simpler, yet it was a year with its own excitement – the landing on the moon, Ted Kennedy and the Chappaquiddick incident, and Woodstock are all featured in the story.

The women are the main features: Kate, her mother, and her three girls control the narrative, with peripheral husbands, one a scientist who is working on the moon landing and another who visits on weekends.  A son who is fighting in the Vietnam War ventures into the story on the sidelines through letters and flashbacks, and assorted boyfriends represent the good and bad of the times, with a nod to MeToo.  But Kate, Blair, Kirby, and Jessica are the stars – each offering perspective from a range of ages – from a blossoming thirteen year old to a rebellious free spirit, along with a soon to be mother of twins, and a distraught mother drinking away each day from worry about her son in the war  The determined grandmother has her moments as she vainly tries to control the lives of her daughter and granddaughters, but each has her own battle with herself, and in the end overcomes self-doubt and outside influences to have a happy ending.

A good beach read – even if you are not at the beach.

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  1. I really enjoy your posts and have followed up on your recommendation. Right now I have just finished Big Sky and was fascinated with the way Atkinson wove her characters from very different backgrounds together, bringing them all to a most satisfactory conclusion with people getting what they deserved. One of the blogs I follow is Jungle Red Writers as I am a crime and mystery buff. Though my preferences run to the English authors. But one of my favs who I know you have written about in the past, is Julia Spencer Fleming. She has had a bit of a gap between books so I am very happy to tell you and perhaps your readers as well, that her latest Claire and Russ, plus baby, will be published in April 2020. The title is, “Hid from our Eyes”, and Minotaur is running an eighth month contest giving away one of Julia’s previous books each month up to April. So I encourage folk to go to Jungle Red Writers post on August 3, and sign up with Minotaur.

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