Frustrated Ramblings and The Archive of the Forgotten

Have you ever tried to remove the battery cover with a coin slot for turning it open?  Those devilishly difficult  covers are on cameras, fit bits, and in my case, the remote for a window shade.  I persevered in this exercise in frustration – because what else do I have to do these days.  I seriously considered keeping the shades where they had landed.  It wasn’t so bad; I could move to another chair when the sun beat in, or just avoid the room altogether.

I tried every coin I could find – a penny, a dime, a quarter.  I dug through my sewing supplies and found a quilting pin.  I pressed a toothbrush and a pen into service to no avail.

I asked google. Surely someone else had had this problem.  Turns out many had posted complaints but no solutions.  But I persevered.  Finally, in an obscure corner of the internet I found a note to use a Euro coin.  I still had one from my travels, and – it worked!

This morning I could finally raise and lower the shades, but the clouds are covering the sun, so the shades remain dormant.

Between my furious attempts to solve my shade problem, I read the ebook the library threatened to take back.  Libby, the online master of library books, had offered me a “skip the line” to a book with a six month waiting list.  The caveat was to finish the book in seven days, not an insurmountable problem, except I forget about it until it was due in two days – thanks to Libby’s threatening reminder.

The Archive of the Forgotten is A. J. Hackwith’s sequel to The Library of the Unwritten, a fantasy story with books in hell, a dead librarian/author with unachieved ambition, and a cast of other worldly characters with issues, mostly concerning stories in books.

If you are a fan of the irreverent “Good Place” series, you will relish Hackwith’s Library of the Unwritten.  A librarian who was human but didn’t make it past the pearly gates, Claire oversees books not yet written; the library is in hell.  When one character escapes from his book to meet with his author on Earth, and another soul offers stolen pages from the devil’s Coda in exchange for living among the angels, the action starts, and never falters.  An exciting ride through different worlds where the devils are more fun and the angels tend to be judgmental and arrogant, the book swerves through lives and characters.  Noting the cautionary note to all procrastinating authors (me included) – “there’s nothing an unwritten book wants more than to be written” – I listened to the book on Audible and found myself speeding up the narrative to get to the next chapter.

The Archive of the Forgotten has the same characters with Claire, Hero, Rami, and Brevity continuing the battle to protect the library, while facing a new threat. More of Hell’s Library is revealed – the Dust Wing, where the books that humanity has forgotten end up, and the Unsaid Wing, full of letters and confessions that were never sent. Although the storyline gets more or less resolved, it also leaves points to be addressed in the next book.

I can’t wait for the next fun adventure with books in Hell, and my next challenge with assorted mechanical malfunctions.


2 thoughts on “Frustrated Ramblings and The Archive of the Forgotten

  1. Congratulations on your success on both having the right size coin AND opening your shade. A true Renaissance Woman!

    Besides these feats, what else is going on? I can report that things haven’t been great around here. Besides the pandemic, stay at home orders, no family gathering for Thanksgiving, I have recently been the victim of a robbery in which I was robbed of $1500 when I left my bank and was then immediately kidnapped and forced to buy gift certificates and scratch off the numbers and hand them over to my captor. I know how crazy this sounds . . .

    He then called somebody and relayed the numbers to that person. I presume having those numbers enabled his cohort to collect the actual value of the cards. At that point I was set free, poorer but unharmed.

    HOWEVER, he has since taken to calling my home (I have NO idea how he got my number) at random times, which makes me afraid to answer my phone. My new hobby is visiting a therapist who is treating me for PTSD. Needless to say, I’m doing very little reading, as my concentration is shot. But I WAS happy to see your post and hope things are going well for you. Hope you’ll be back in California sometime soon (or I’m in Hawaii). Would love to see you!



    • Wow, you have been having more than your share. The kidnapping sounds horrible! Maybe you should turn it into a story for therapy. It sounds like something out of a horror movie.

      Nothing is going on here. We are cautious hermits, only venturing out to forage for food. Someone said we have reverted to cave days and it’s close.

      Who knows when we will see each other again, but I keep hoping.
      In the meantime, stay safe – or safer.
      Think of you whenever I read and write.

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