Try a Little Romance with a Frenchman

Need a change?  Looking for romance and adventure? What better than 17th century Cornwall and passion with a pirate? Best known for the haunting Rebecca, Daphne du Maurier plays to romance in Frenchman’s Creek.

Escape without embarrassment; read a classic and break away with Dona and a handsome French pirate.

Dona, the lady of the manor, who chafes at the restricted life of her proper and dull existence in London with her wimpy husband, escapes to her country estate for rest and reflection. Instead of solitude, she finds William, the new caretaker, who becomes her friend, ally, and matchmaker to his master,  the handsome, erudite French pirate – think Errol Flynn or Douglas Fairbanks in those old swashbuckling movies.



Dona joins the Frenchman on his ship, and disguised as a cabin boy, she participates in a raid on her wealthy neighbors.  Though her thoughts are what you might think, her actions are chaste – Frenchmen’s Creek was published in 1942, and she is, after all, a thirty year old wife with two children. But excitement and danger eventually lead her to succumb.

Do yourself a favor and reread the first chapter, after you finish the book. You’ll dream of Dona and Jean-Benoit sailing away on La Mouette.

Daphne du Maurier used the Cornish area in many of her books, and her fans celebrate her writing every year in Fowey at an annual festival in May.

Wonder if those characters still haunt the seaside, gardens, and rocky cliffs? Might be worth a trip – even if you can only get there vicariously.