What Alice Forgot

9780425247440_p0_v1_s260x420A friend of mine always calculates her birthday at 29, celebrating its anniversary, and not admitting to aging beyond that age.  In Liane Moriarty’s What Alice Forgot, Alice hits her head and loses the memory of ten years just before her 40th birthday, making her 29 again.

After Alice falls off her bike in spin class, she wakes up to an unfamiliar world.  Her clothes seem to belong to someone else, and she has no memory of her three children, her impending divorce, or the death of her best friend.   Unfortunately, she also doesn’t recognize the person she has become over the last ten years; evidently, her former self was happier, friendlier, and a better version.  As Alice ponders her predicament, Elizabeth, her older sister, fills in the blanks of the missing years for the reader with letters to her therapist.

A quick, easy romance with a humorous premise – picked for discussion by one of my book clubs.  Nice diversion…who wouldn’t want a chance for a “do-over.”