Hallowe’en Party and The Boy of a Thousand Faces

Mystery and birthdays are the theme for two favorite Halloween treats – Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party and Brian Selznick’s The Boy of a Thousand Faces.

Who could have known a Halloween party could be so lethal?  Agatha Christie has Hercule Poirot investigating  a victim’s murder at the festivities in her mystery Hallowe’en Party.

Mrs. Oliver, the famous mystery writer attends a children’s Hallowe’en party at her friend’s house.  At first, the fun of games, prizes, food and a costumed witch who tells fortunes promises a good time. When Joyce’s mother comes to fetch her home, she is missing – then found dead in the galvanized tub of water used for the bobbing apples game.

Of course, Mrs. Oliver calls her old friend Hercule Poirot.  With the help of retired police Superintendent Spence who now lives in the area, Poirot carefully tracks the murderer -uncovering forgery, blackmail, a misplaced inheritance, and more murders along the way.  The victim had bragged about witnessing a murder, and that also becomes part of the investigation.

In true Agatha Christie style the complicated plot is reworked and all is explained in the end – just in case you got lost in all the possibilities and red herrings.  And if you are a fan of the Christie mysteries, you will recognize some old favorites in the line-up.

Brian Selznick offers his unique black and white drawings in a children’s book about Alonzo King, whose birthday is on Halloween in The Boy of a Thousand Faces.  Alonzo loves monsters and imagines himself in different disguises.  When “the Beast” comes to town, Alonzo solves the mystery.  Selznick offers a mild tale with his usual amazing pictures.

Happy Halloween!