When You Need a Good Laugh

If today is your birthday, you share it with one of my favorite authors – Calvin Trillin.

Known for his humorous views published in The New Yorker essays, Trillin has also written books with that same flavor…the one I most like is

Tepper Isn’t Going Out  – read my review –  here

I would often read one of  Trillin’s essay, and then follow up with the topic expanded in one of his books.  Trillin wrote about his wife in  “Alice, Off the Page,” in the March 27, 2006 issue of The New Yorker; in his short book,  About Alice, a tribute to his wife after her death, he retains his familiar wry take on life.

Trillin has a new book – Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin – an anthology of his best.  I have it on my wish list for Santa.

Happy Birthday!  Keep smiling.