Three Wishes

9780061856914_p0_v1_s260x420After enjoying Liane Moriarty’s The Husband’s Secret and What Alice Forgot, I looked for some oldies by her.  Three Wishes is the story of triplets as they navigate their lives through growing up (the Catholic school references are hilarious), marital drama, and sibling rivalry.  Like her other books, Moriarty inserts humor into the mundane, and offers a dose of moral dilemmas.  Quick read – fun and satisfying.

If you haven’t yet read Moriarty’s other books, try:

Georgia Bottoms

Mark Childress mixes Southern humor with small town bigotry and the survival instincts of his main character in Georgia Bottoms.   At first, Georgia seems to be the stereotypical gorgeous Southern Belle from Alabama, but like the characters in Stockett’s The Help, she is much more.

As the sole support of her dysfunctional family – a mother leaning into dementia and a brother in and out of jail, Georgia does her best to keep everyone happy.  She goes to church every Sunday, dressed in her best appealing outfits, to keep up appearances – trying to stay awake by daydreaming of manicures and planning her annual luncheon.  Through her rotation of  “favors” for the prominent locals, including the Baptist preacher, the town doctor, judge, sheriff, and banker, she manages to make a living, with each man thinking he is her one and only.  Not even the secrets of her past catching up with her can deter Georgia, and when she is threatened – watch out.

Childress sparks the dialogue with cutting humor that reveals the truth.  His characters fit into Southern stereotypes; at the same time, they are surprisingly true to human weakness and failings.

A quick read, Georgia Bottoms has an adventurous heroine determined and unrestrained – a funny, likeable bad girl who gets herself in a mess, but is always hopeful for the good life.  You may find yourself cheering for her – I did.