Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder – a children’s tale by the author of The Snowman

If you were in fourth grade, even saying the word “fart” would make you laugh.  In Jo Nesbø’s Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder, Lisa, looking for a new friend, connects with Nilly, the short new boy in town, to sell Doctor Proctor’s new invention – a powder that can deliver odorless and noisy flatulence.

Although I’ve enjoyed Nesbø’s scary adult crime tale of The Snowman, his children’s stories are new to me.  Translated from Norwegian, the prose can seem strange at times, but offers young readers the opportunity to learn more about another place, for example, May 17th is  Norwegian Independence Day – and also, the perfect venue for using Doctor Proctor’s powder to make more noise.

Nilly and Lisa use the powder to ward off the school bullies, and revel in their new popularity – until the bullies steal the powder.  More excitement follows as Nilly escapes from jail by flushing himself down the toilet, only to be swallowed by an anaconda in the Norwegian sewers.

Nesbø is fun and ridiculous  – and, like his books for adults, he includes a diabolical twist.  Fourth graders might enjoy the bathroom humor too.

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