If S.J. Watson’s Before I Go To Sleep was too scary for you, but you like the idea of waking up every morning with a clean slate, try Cat Patrick’s teen take on amnesia in Forgotten.   London Lane can see the future every day, but then forgets what happened to her yesterday; she wakes up with her forecasts, but no memory of anything that happened the day before.  She keeps a daily log, and writes notes to herself, but sometimes get lost in the details – just like many of us who walk into a room and wonder what we were looking for.

London keeps her Cassandra-like tendencies to herself, not warning her high school friends about bad choices that seem to be leading to miserable future lives.  She still believes in free will; maybe something will happen to change their future after all, and then she discovers she can manipulate and change the future for the better.  A mysterious flash-forward to a funeral creates a mystery to solve, and London’s strange memory disorder helps her solve it.

An easy fast read with a strange twist –  young adult mystery – a nice change of pace.