The Racketeer

Clever and suspenseful, with surprising twists mimicking Redford and Newman in “The Sting,” John Grisham targets the federal law enforcement system in his latest legal crime thriller – The Racketeer.  

After serving five years of a ten-year sentence, Malcolm Bannister, a lawyer convicted for a crime he did not commit, creates a convoluted scheme to be released from prison.  By revealing the identity of the murderer of a federal judge, Bannister trades information to the FBI for a new face, a stash of new funds, and a new life.  But Grisham has not maintained his place on the bestseller list by creating simple stories, and all is not as it seems.  As the action unfolds, you will not be sure who the real criminals are – until the very end when Grisham reveals all.  A fast-paced thriller not requiring much serious thought, The Racketeer is another fun Grisham ride.

The Litigators

Fed up with the corporate rat race/treadmill, Harvard Law graduate David Zinc quits his lucrative job with a top law firm and joins the two-man ambulance chasing team of Finley and Figg in John Grisham’s  legal thriller – The Litigators.

With the fervor of Erin Brockovich pursuing a cause and some big money, Grisham focuses on a class action suit to bring down a pharmaceutical firm for its death-causing cholesterol drug.  Not even lawyers can control everything, and clever plot twists sustain the momentum.

The action is fast and fun, with a little dark humor mixed in, and the characters have a film noir flavor.  Grisham stays true to his successful formula – a fast read – nice diversion while I was sitting in a waiting room for hours.