The Cottage at Glass Beach

A lovely summer idyll at a beach house in Maine, and recovery from a famous husband’s infidelities are the setting for Heather Barbieri’s The Cottage at Glass Beach.  Reprising the Irish flavor, romance, and mystery of The Lacemakers of Glenmarra, Barbieri offers another easy read flavored with a little magic – comfort food for the soul.

Nora Cunningham returns to her childhood home at Burke Island, off the coast of Maine, with her two young daughters, to escape the gossip and trauma of her politician husband’s affair.  With references to the mysterious disappearance of Nora’s mother, the story slowly reveals secrets in the family drama, including a few suspend-your-belief moments with mythical sea creatures.  Barbieri leaves the ending to the reader – to wonder and believe – or not – depending on what you need.

A little schmaltzy and not for everyone, but if you enjoyed The Lacemakers, you will like Barbieri’s latest.

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The Lace Makers of Glenmara

Travel to Ireland, have a little romance, learn about the countryside and the women in Heather Barbieri’s light novel – The Lace Makers of Glenmara.  When one of my fellow writers recommended Barbieri’s latest book – Cottage at Glass Beach – I searched for the book in my library system but it wasn’t there; instead I found this lovely distraction.

The story is an easy tale of loss and rebirth.  Kate, the heroine, changes the lives of everyone in the village – as well as her own, but probably the best comic relief comes from the Catholic priest who  threatens damnation to the ladies who are making the lacy lingerie.  A fast fun read.

A bonus is the appendix with Barbieri’s list of her favorite books.  Some I plan to explore:

  • Light Years by James Salter
  • The Story of Lucy Gault by William Trevor
  • The White Bone by Barbara Gowdy
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susan Clarke