The Imagine Diet

Would imagining eating that bag of Hershey Kisses satisfy me as much as actually eating it?  Finally, a diet I can sink my teeth into – if only in my dreams.  Real Evidence for Imaginary Diets in today’s New York Times offers yet another way to circumvent eating less/exercising more to lose weight.  John Tierney offer the “Imagine Diet” – especially great for those of us who daydream a lot.

Essentially, look but don’t touch; think about the chocolate, but don’t taste it.   If the theory is true, then why do TV commercials with those talking M&Ms make me salivate?  And all those catalogs coming in the mail – Christmas junk mail – with luscious covers of sugary pecans, shortbread dipped in chocolate, caramelized candy canes… when the subliminal urges make me buy, could I just look at the packaging and not open?  Doubtful.

I may have a great imagination – but absolutely no will power.

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