We Go Together – Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

9780547721293_p0_v1_s260x420Calef Brown’s We Go Together  offers a different twist for Valentine rhymes.  In a small illustrated book of 18 poems, this “A Curious Selection of Affectionate Verse” includes a plan for starting a band in the eight lines of “Totally.”   Other pals include “Mirth Makers,”  “Two Scallywags,” “Two Kiwis,” and more – all accompanied by illustrations of snowmen, roller skating dogs, friendly creatures from outer space (with antennae) or lots of people laughing.  Some are silly, but all have the flavor of happy camaraderie.

My favorites:


If someone makes a crack
or puts me down,
you back me up
and stick around.
Always there
when I get in a tangle.
I lean on you
at a steep angle – 
I’m so inclined.
A better friend
I’ll never find.

Because of You

I was once
a half-emptyer.
Now I’m a half-fuller.
Because of you – 
the together-puller.
So if I should smile
And say something sunny,
Don’t look at me funny
or act surprised.
Because of you ,
I’m optimized.

Other Valentine Ideas:v8blnk

and happy birthday!

and happy birthday!


It’s St. Patrick’s Day – Did You Find Your Pot of Gold?

This is the season in Hawaii when a rain cloud will mysteriously appear, sometimes with sunshine at the same time.  We call the sprinkles “blessings,” and look for the rainbow…

Our leprechauns are called menehunes, little men with magical powers, and like everywhere else, we have a St. Patrick’s Day parade.

An Irish novel to go with the beer?    Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín

Colm Tóibín’s Brooklyn reads like an Irish Our Town with a slow inevitable pace that follows Eilis Lacey, a young Irish immigrant.

No James Joyce for me, but anything by Oscar Wilde will do. You can find some of his work online:  Oscar Wilde Literature Page

For more ideas on Irish reads, check out:    Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

and the luck o’ the Irish to you today

Book Gifting

Giving a book for Christmas can be risky – it could have already been read – unless it’s hot off the press; even then, there are those who pre-order.  Gift certificates are safe, but cold.  Seems you’ve either given the gift no thought or you have no idea what your receiver reads – both are likely.

And there’s no accounting for taste – could be not everyone has your affinity for romance, sci fi, vampires, history, whatever.   Even cookbooks can be controversial – remember Jessica Seinfeld and Missy Chase Lapine?

Here’s my list of  gift book suggestions – books that are nice to own  –  even if they’ve been read before –

easy feel-good reads; it is the season to be jolly.

Think of them as alternatives to watching back-to-back White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney, and take the list for what it’s worth – it’s free…

Check my reviews to find out more about them by typing in the title in “Search.”

Do you have any to add?

  • Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand
  • The Forgotten Garden
  • Beginner’s Greek
  • Frenchmen’s Creek
  • Sweet Thursday
  • The Guernsey Literary and Sweet Potato Society