Happy Easter!

It’s Easter – time for chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs.  Sally Forth isn’t the only one who likes to bite off the chocolate ears and raid the Easter basket.  Maybe those Cadbury eggs are your favorite?

Jasper Fforde serves up The Big Over Easy with the most famous egg of all – Humpty Dumpty – as the victim in a crime mystery with detective Jack Spratt (giant killer) and assistant Mary, Mary (who has plastic flowers) as investigators.  Was HD’s fall an accident or murder in the fictional town of Reading?

Jack has just lost the case of the three pigs against the wolf – he was sure the pigs were at fault – so he is determined to make this case his comeback.   Characters with names from nursery rhymes have families and careers, yet they live in the fictional world of nursery rhyme –  on the other side of the looking-glass.

It’s all very clever and the mystery meets the formula for the serious sleuth – lots of red herrings and a hard to guess whodunnit.

Gets a little tedious in Reading Society at times though.   The audiobook with British voices might be better for keeping all those nursery rhyme characters straight – there are quite a few.  And you’ll have your hands free for eating those jellybeans and sticky marshmallow chicks.