Christmas Stories

candy-cane-ribbon-hollyMerry Christmas, Everyone.

I recently read an article about first lines from books about Christmas; I recognized many familiar favorites:

from Little Women: “Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents…

from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: “Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy…”

from The Greatest Gift (better know as It’s A Wonderful Life): The little town straggling on the hill was bright with coloured Christmas lights, but George Pratt did not see them…”

Among the titles was one I had not thought about in awhile and plan to reread this Christmas.  Maybe you’d enjoy it too –

free from Project Gutenberg – my Christmas gift to you:

The Gift of the Magi  819241-M


Happy Birthday JRR – Lord of the Rings

Whether you take the ring at face value or believe in its religious symbolism, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is great entertainment –  in books and movies.  John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, born in 1892, would be 119 years old today.

An Oxford don, an expert in old English languages, a contemporary of C.S. Lewis (author of The Chronicles of Narnia) – and a great storyteller, Tolkien imagined the world of Middle Earth and the magic of the quest.

Frodo, the hobbit, is one of my favorite literary heroes.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us…