Something About Horses

The Pi, Seabiscuit, Secretariat – literary horses that became stars on the big screen.  The Pi, played by a horse sired by Man o’ War, was Elizabeth Taylor’s prince charming in National Velvet; Jeff Bridges put his faith in Seabiscuit; and most recently Diane Lane in Secretariat.

When a book becomes a movie and the lead character doesn’t match my imagined vision, I am disappointed.  But this never happens with a horse.  Something about the greatness in the muscled flanks, the proud head, the fleeting speed or distinguished gait – thoroughbreds with heart may be the best leading actors and characters.


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True Grit

After three consecutive days of heavy rain, paradise has gotten a little soggy.  No better time to see a movie – and pretend it’s sunny out.

Based on the book by Charles Portis, True Grit was first serialized for The Saturday Evening Post.

Wonder how true the movie ending is to the book?  The John Wayne version had the usual happily-ever-after Hollywoodized version (rewritten for the screen by Portis himself), and got Wayne an Oscar.  But the Coen Brothers version with Jeff Bridges is closer to the real ending – warts and all.

Another Charles Portis book, Dog of the South, may be headed for the movies.