Lei Day

A day to celebrate Spring and flowers – whatever you call it.  Jeffrey Kent’s book with illustrations by Minako Ishii is a flip picture book that can be read front to back or back to front.   With beautiful pictures and explanations, Kent connects the Hawaiian celebration to the British May Day, and includes instructions for making a lei.

Beth Greenway’s A Lei for Every Day is a board book, teaching days of the week with tutu (Hawaiian word for grandmother).

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Do You Have Time to Get Lei’d?

May 1st is Lei Day here in Hawaii.   Locals make leis, buy leis, give leis – and get lei’d.  May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

In Annapolis, my old hometown, May Day means fresh flower baskets on Main Street.

Photo credits: Baltimore Sun/Susan Reimer


Photo credits: Baltimore Sun/Susan Reimer

Recently, someone told me that reading is not just an escape; it’s a way of avoiding reality – time could be better spent than in reading.    Maybe so, or maybe reading is a type of meditation, a way to be mindless of your own issues and submerge into someone or something else.

Like meditation, the effect of reading a good book may be that you feel better, clearer, fresher – even more mindful.

crown flower lei

But this is Lei Day and May Day – so some time could be spent with the flowers…