Today is National Lollipop Day

When a child has a lollipop in her mouth, sticky fingers and fuzzy sticks that have been dropped in the grass come to mind.  When an adult has a lollipop, the small mysterious lump in the mouth and excess saliva could be the sugary deterrent to having a cigarette.  I once knew a CEO who always provided Tootsie pops at meetings; worked for me, I was so busy chewing the center that I never put my foot in mouth.

Frank Baum’s book has no Lollipop League, but the Wizard of Oz film made them famous.

Ruth Heller’s children’s book – Many Luscious Lollipops – is about adjectives not sugary treats – but with words and pictures worth drooling over.

Today is National Lollipop Day.  Most lollipops are fat free, so you might want to indulge  – just skip the suckers with bugs.