Master of Cuisine, Slave of Washington

Although we’ve lumped Washington’s birthday into President’s Day, “The Philadelphia Inquirer” is celebrating closer to the 22nd, with a series on his slave chef, who escaped on George’s celebration of his 65th birthday in Philadelphia.

Craig LaBan, restaurant critic for the paper, brings Washington’s tables to life with his descriptions of the weekly banquets hosted for Congress as well as Washington’s daily fare. With his focus on Hercules, Washington’s chief cook, La Ban gives us another perspective on the politics of a new country.

Look for a PBS feature on Hercules at

Old Scotch

Is it true that the older the Scotch, the better the taste? The winner of aged glory may be the Scotch recently found under the ice in the Antarctic.

An article in the Honolulu Advertiser Sunday travel section offers adventurers another reason to visit Antarctica.

Or you can visit the East Coast where 38 degrees feels warm to the locals.

Any suggestions for a good book to read around the fire?