Body and Soul

Although I’ve forgotten most of the story, but remember it was among my favorite reads – Frank Conroy’s Body and Soul.

Conroy led the prestigious Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa and wrote his only novel about a poor boy who grows up to be a famous pianist and composer.  I’d read it again.

Today, I came across a review in the New York Times that mentions Conroy as mentor to an obscure writer, Tom Grimes, author of Mentor: A Memoir.

Columnist Dwight Garner cautions…

“Don’t give this forthright and bewildered book to the would-be writer in your life. It

might make him or her climb a tall tree and leap from it.”

Grimes could be a failed author with talent recognized only by Conroy and lost in the mires of publishing house editors –  or more likely just someone trying to capitalize on  Conroy’s name and talent.  The memoir seems to be more about poor Grimes than brilliant Conroy, who died in 2005.

After checking out Grimes’ novels –  Amazon lets you “look inside” – I’ll probably go back to read Body and Soul again instead.