A Seinfeld Cookbook – Double Delicious

You’ve heard about the lawsuit won by Jerry Seinfeld’s wife, Jessica, over her first book, Deceptively Delicious?  Great publicity – now Doubly Delicious is on the New York Times bestseller list.

Neither Seinfeld nor Missy Chase Lapine (author of Sneaky Chef) probably created the idea of hiding veggies in the cake.  I once had a cookbook with zucchini cake that looked just like chocolate – fooled everyone in my family – and used up all the summer squash taking over my garden.

You can skip the introduction on shopping, stocking, and reading labels – you’ve heard it all before – as well as the tips before each section – “cut down on added salt…”

Of course, I went straight to the dessert section (supposedly Jerry’s favorites) – with Jessica’s approving – “Deprivation always leads down the wrong path…”

The idea is pureed vegetables hidden in the treat – with carrots as a definite theme – carrot puree in chocolate bread pudding, chocolate yogurt cheesecake, mixed berry cobbler, tiramisu, lemon poppy seed cake.   Brownies with spinach puree – maybe – but I stopped at chickpeas in the chocolate chip cookies.  Enough!

No need to hide.  I like my veggies up front and visible.  And my chocolate chips with nuts – no beans.