The Magician’s Elephant – from the author of The Tale of Despereaux

Everyone needs a little magic, and Kate DiCamillo delivers with her fable about an elephant who helps an orphaned boy find his little sister.  The Magician’s Elephant is a short children’s story that you will remember long after reading. Its message of hope, perseverance, and belonging is for all ages.

Peter lives with an old sickly soldier, who tells Peter that his sister died at birth, but a fortune teller reveals that his sister is still alive, and an elephant will lead him to her.  Magically, an elephant appears when the town magician, who wants to do real magic, conjures her on stage instead of a bouquet of lilies.  And the quest begins.

What if you could suspend your belief, and follow the elephant?


DiCamillo also wrote the award-winning books…