Immersed in Steinbeck

From the interactive exhibits at the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas, to lunch at the Steinbeck House and a view of the author’s childhood room where he later wrote “The Red Pony” – I was immersed in everything Steinbeck.

When I was in Steinbeck country a few years ago, I read “Sweet Thursday” for the first time, but did not understand the relationship between the real Doc and John Steinbeck until I saw the exhibits this time at the Center.

The Center’s bookstore had every Steinbeck publication as well as DVDs of books made into movies; of course, I had to add to my collection:
Steinbeck’s classic “The Pearl”; Steinbeck’s last published book, “America and the Americans”; and “The Steinbeck House Cookbook.”

I came away determined to reread a few old favorites too, especially the two slated for remakes: a Steven Spielberg version of “The Grapes of Wrath,” and a Ron Howard directed “East of Eden.”

Have you read any Steinbeck or seen the movie versions? John Malkovich in “Of Mice and Men” is one of my favorites.