The Hurricanes – Double Whammy in Hawaii

1207432755255451633Andy_whirlpool.svg.med1207432755255451633Andy_whirlpool.svg.medAnticipating the two hurricanes heading toward my island home in Hawaii has everyone anxious – some more frantic than others.  Tracking the swirling colors of both storms as Iselle and Julio head toward these isolated rocks in the middle of the ocean, the local weatherman is excited to broadcast more than the usual wave height and surf conditions.  Flights have been cancelled, city bus service stopped, shelters opened.  Most residents are hunkered down watching the news, wondering if they will still have electricity in a few hours.  Vacationers are oblivious – most still on the beach or in the ocean; later, a few will challenge the high waves, despite repeated warnings.

I have my candles, my flashlights, and bottled water.  I even have a hand crank radio from National Geographic.  More importantly, I have a 9781400062126_p0_v3_s260x420book –  Bret Anthony Johnson’s Remember Me Like This – only requires the power of my turning the pages.