Run – Tennessee Floods

We’ve been distracted by oil slicks and car bombers, and the flood in Tennessee never got the press it deserved. Jon Stewart joked on the Daily Show about God’s retribution against good music – first New Orleans, now Nashville. And, the evening news had a few pictures of the Grand Ole Opry almost underwater.

Ann Patchett, author who lives in Nashville, poignantly wrote about trying to take a dog for a walk in knee-high water…

You may remember Ann Patchett for Bel Canto, a jarring book about terrorists who take over an embassy, a thriller with hostages. And then Run, with the plot over twenty-four hours in a New England snowstorm, revolving around the mystery of why a black woman saved the white mayor’s adopted black son – not a stretch to figure it out – but, like Kathryn Stockett’s The Help, this book is not about race.

It’s been awhile since I’ve read Run, but I still remember the feeling of mystery while reading, and relief at the end.   If you need a refresher or motivation to read it, John Updike wrote a review in the New Yorker that would be hard to match.

Baseball and John Updike

Spring training – baseball is back.   My mother was an avid fan of the Phillies and when they won the series in 2008, she knew she could die happy.  I never caught the bug. I enjoyed reading about baseball and its true heroes (before they began to crumble), more than watching.

Rereading John Updike’s classic essay  Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu is a good way to start a new season…I will always associate Ted Williams with Updike’s line…”Gods do not answer letters.”