On Writing – and Agatha

Writing is its own reward, but it sure is fun when someone else wants to read what you wrote.

Agatha Christie fearlessly wrote so much that “you can read a different title every month for seven years,” according to Christie expert, John Curran.  As Curran continues to study Agatha Christie for his doctoral thesis at Trinity College, his books uncover the author’s motivation and inspiration.

I am currently reading Agatha Christie: Murder in the Making, Curran’s follow-up to Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks.  From the beginning, Christie’s enthusiasm and attitude are a tonic – for her fans and for writers…an excerpt from one of her notebooks…

“And goodness knows, there is no shortage of potential material; just look around this carriage…Ideas, 1931, Book, Poirot and a crime…”

This book is a keeper –  one I will retrieve from the shelf now and then as a reminder that inspiration is everywhere – observe, note, write.