Die for Me – Parisian Zombie Trilogy by Amy Plum

Inspired by a love of Paris and possibly the teen vampire Twilight series, Amy Plum has written a trilogy of romantic zombie stories. My friendly librarian introduced me to the world of the revenants, zombies who act like guardian angels and look like matinée idols.

The first book in the series – Die for Me – introduces Vincent Delacroix, the handsome 19-year-old who is really 84 and has been among the walking dead since World War II, saving lives and fighting (with a sword) for justice. His teen love interest is seventeen year old Katie Mercier, recently orphaned and now living in Paris with her sister and grandparents. The story is predictably romantic and adventurous, with that hypnotizing draw that fans of Twilight will recognize. The same chasteness prevails – only kisses.

As a bonus, the stories are all in Paris – with descriptions of museums, famous streets, and sites that any francophile will appreciate – hot chocolate at Les Deux Maggots; the tour boats on the Seine; the shops on the Boulevard Saint-Germain. Plum also offers a few suggestions in her appendix to help tourists blend in (no white sneakers; hands on the table). She also carefully lists the classics that Kate reads to pass the time in a French cafe – nice reference for teens.

The first book ends with Vincent’s promise to quell his desire to repeatedly die to save the world.  His good intentions backfire in the next book in the series – Until I Die.  The romance continues along with battles of good vs evil, and ends with a terrifying cliffhanger tease for the third and last book, scheduled for Spring – If I Should Die.

A fun fast diversion for anyone who just can’t get enough of zombies – or Paris.